Welcome. I'm Peter King, near Santa Fe, NM. I grew up in New York City (back when subways, buses and the Staten Island ferry were all a dime, and stamps were 3 cents.) I Studied EE at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in MA, before joining the Air Force, which took me to The Netherlands, where I worked with avionics at a Dutch base. I took my discharge there, and stayed altogether about 5 years. I've always enjoyed and appreciated art, and studied at the Kunst Academie of Arnhem, and Artibus in Utrecht. Later, at John Herron School of Art, in Indianapolis, IN, where I got a BAE. I've tried to keep some form of art in my life, while working my way through schools with electronics jobs, and eventually working for Digital / Compaq / HP for over 25 years. Since I took an early retirement, I've been doing art, in one form or another, but focusing on pottery, pencil drawing, oil painting, and photography. I moved here in 2008, a wonderful art center, and I hope to be working with a gallery eventually. Please contact me to restore / enhance old, faded, damaged and often forgotten photos that are memorable to you for any reasons. That I am able to do this for family means much to me, and I take pride in doing personal work of this type.

Email me about any photos or to get passwords, at

If you've been here before, I recently condensed some of my galleries. I try to share my best works, but would rather excite anyone to see more rather than be overloaded visually. So please return from time to time as I will try to update more often. Feel free to leave comments and please look around all my galleries. Take your time and you can change the style drop down menu to a slide show, or other displays for easier viewing. You can also use the left and right arrow keys to move through images.This site will expand / contract to whatever size monitor / session you use. I have 5 categories of galleries, and you'll see they all interconnect as I may love to travel, but anywhere I go, I also take nature photos. Even during a model shoot, which I most enjoy combining with nature's beauty, outdoors, I may also catch some wildlife. In my Art galleries you will see years of changing work, but it all shows how it has affected my life as a source of finding beauty. I feel all arts interconnect and photography is just one way I can express myself, and give expression to my feelings. i often feel like I see the way different lenses I use would, and they are interchangeable. Art in my life has been learning how to see.

I'm on (605952). A good sites for models and photographers. Also on a great online art gallery where you can find me by name, among many artists. In 2009, I was awarded by the WPGA, Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, and had a work shown in Madrid Spain. See (Winners Gallery drop down menu to Fine Art).